Experience some of the most beautiful, mature, and difficult holes in Northeast Iowa

The 1st Hole - How To Play It

This often downwind, 320-yard, Par 4 dogleg will tempt the big hitters into gunning for the green. The safest play is to hit a driver or fairway wood down the left center of the fairway.

The approach shot will seem easy, but this green can trick the best of them with a bunker short right and a very deceptive slope.

The Best Par 3

The 4th hole is one of the trickiest par 3’s in Northeast Iowa. With a pond protecting right, a creek and out of bounds to the left, the margin for error on this hole is extremely slim.

The Best Par 5

Jesup’s 6th hole is a unique 520-yard Par 5 with a slight dogleg right. The tee shot should be played left center in the fairway. Missing right could mean jail and a monstrous number from the bunkers and trees.

Big hitters may be able to reach this green in two, but the safe bet is to lay up as there is a pond protecting the left side of the green. Had a willow tree not been taken down years ago on the right side of the green, this hole may have been one of the toughest in the area.

Toughest Holes On The Course

Holes 4, 5, 6, and 7 play the toughest statistically. Hole 5 features a very deceptively long green while 7 plays at a whopping 215 yards to a downhill green that slopes away to the back side!

Closing Holes

Jesup’s closing holes can make or break a round quickly. Number 8 is a 364-yard uphill Par 4 that can be a chore to reach in 2 with a north wind. Number 9 is also a 364-yard par 4 that features perhaps the most unique feature on the golf course, “The Pit”! The pit has been known to eat up golf balls and provide playing partners with beverages after the round as a local rule!